Web Module

This modules contains every internal function related to the web (making web requests).


Function documentation is using a specific syntax. More information here


Retrieves and parses the daily quote from the API https://api.quotable.io

tp.web.random_picture(size?: string, query?: string, include_size?: boolean)

Gets a random image from https://unsplash.com/

  • include_size: Optional argument to include the specified size in the image link markdown. Defaults to false

  • query: Limits selection to photos matching a search term. Multiple search terms can be passed separated by a comma ,

  • size: Image size in the format <width>x<height>


Web Daily quote:  
<% tp.web.daily_quote() %>

Web Random picture: 
<% tp.web.random_picture() %>

Web Random picture with size: 
<% tp.web.random_picture("200x200") %>

Web random picture with size + query: 
<% tp.web.random_picture("200x200", "landscape,water") %>