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To understand how Templater works, let's define a few terms:

  • A template is a file that contains commands.
  • A text snippet that starts with an opening tag <%, ends with a closing tag %> and that contains some variable / function is what we will call a command. You can also call a command a placeholder if you prefer. Check this to find more advanced usage of commands.
  • A variable or a function is an object that we can invoke using a command and that returns a value (the replacement string)

There are two types of variables / functions you can use:

  • Internal variables / functions. They are predefined variables / functions that are built within the plugin. As an example, tp.file.title is an internal variable that will return the name of the file.
  • User defined functions. Users can define their own functions in the plugin settings. They are either system command user functions or script user functions.

To summarize things, we have the following idea:

Templates contains Commands that contains Variables / Functions
Templates -------> Commands ------------> Variables / Functions

For example, the following template contains 2 commands:

Yesterday: <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>
Tomorrow: <%"YYYY-MM-DD") %>

We'll see in the next part the syntax required to write some commands.