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System Module

This module contains system related variables and functions.



Function documentation is using a specific syntax. More informations here

Internal Variable / FunctionArgumentsDescriptionExample Output
tp.system.clipboard()NoneRetrieves the clipboard's contentThis is my copied text
tp.system.prompt(prompt_text?: string, default_value?: string, throw_on_cancel: boolean = false)- prompt_text: Text placed above the input field
- default_value: A default value for the input filed
- throw_on_cancel: Throws an error if the prompt is canceled, instead of returning a null value.
Spawns a prompt modal and returns the user's input.A value I entered
tp.system.suggester(text_items: string[] โŽฎ ((item: T) => string), items: T[], throw_on_cancel: boolean = false, placeholder: string = "")- text_items: Array of strings representing the text that will be displayed for each item in the suggester prompt. This can also be a function that maps an item to its text representation.
- items: Array containing the values of each item in the correct order.
- throw_on_cancel: Throws an error if the suggester prompt is canceled, instead of returning a null value.
- placeholder: Placeholder string of the prompt.
Spawns a suggester prompt and returns the user's chosen item.A value I chose


Clipboard content: <% tp.system.clipboard() %>
Entered value: <% tp.system.prompt("Please enter a value") %>
Mood today: <% tp.system.prompt("What is your mood today ?", "happy") %>
Mood today: <% tp.system.suggester(["Happy", "Sad", "Confused"], ["Happy", "Sad", "Confused"]) %>
Picked file: [[<% (await tp.system.suggester((item) => item.basename, app.vault.getMarkdownFiles())).basename %>]]